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How will capacitive touchscreen develop in the future?

Pubdate : 2016-02-18 Clicks: Author : admin

    The working principle of the capacitive touch screen is very simple, is to touch the screen to human fingers, is a touch screen surface electric field, there will be a coupling capacitor, the current four electrode through the fingers, have a great relationship and mobile phone power, it will respond to and to be issued instruction etc.. HTC, Samsung, millet mobile phone using these Android basic capacitive screen, capacitive screen itself is multi point control function, only the current touch screen capacitive screen and screen resistance of these two categories, the capacitor can be multi touch, but no resistance, resistance in old style comparison, now there is no big mobile phone on the market will not survive. Go on.
    And compared to the same resistance screen, capacitive touch screen is more emphasis on its convenient, only need to touch the screen can operate, the capacitive touch screen need to respond to the induction current, so just put it in the pocket, do not touch will not be able to carry out some activities. Security is high, nor because they do not know the phone call embarrassing things like this. Compared with the resistance screen, the capacitance screen is more dustproof, sand proof and damage resistant. With its own technical guarantee, its own high film induction, there is a great cleansing function. Although easy to drift and cost a little higher, it seems that there is nothing wrong with the capacitive screen. According to market research, the use of capacitive screen is increasing in number, the future of the market and broad prospects, with Apple Mobile hot pin as a stepping stone, capacitive screen caught on the train bound for spring.
    Capacitive touchscreen market is broad, the prospects for a good applause, although the resistance screen is ingrained in China, but with the introduction of capacitive screen, resistance screen will be eliminated. Will be completely replaced by capacitive touch screen.

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Address: 2nd Building, Xueziwei B Area,Yabian Village, Shajing Town ,Baoan District , Shenzhen City, China,518104

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