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The rapid development of capacitive screen is the choice of the times

Pubdate : 2015-05-03 Clicks: Author : admin

    At present there are energy-saving touch screen when we popular in the market, the market in the use of capacitive screen is wide, have an irreplaceable position, according to the observation and consideration we found in recent years, almost phased out of the edge of the screen resistance. This is because of the advantages of capacitive screen and gradually perfect, in this today rapid development, there is an overwhelming trend. The cost of the capacitor screen is 10% higher than the cost of the resistance screen. Of course, in the eyes of today people, to spend more money to buy real Wumart, safe and durable goods is still worthwhile.
    As everyone knows, there is a capacitive screen wear resistance strong, because of his material is glass, but still there are cracks in the crashing down the glass, but it is more convenient to clean, different from the screen resistance once the screen has to change to the fuzzy value. With finger touching more clean, we often clean ourselves, capacitive screen finger touch, more attention to dust cleaning. Finger touch is also minimal damage, capacitive screen only a small chip can do everything, the resistance screen is impossible. Moreover, the stability and reliability of the capacitive screen are very good, and the conventional capacitive screen can work normally at the temperature of -20 and -70 degrees Celsius
    The accuracy of the capacitive screen is also higher than that of the resistance screen, and sticking a film outside will make the protection more comprehensive. When you do not use it, you will not worry about the dust falling into the cell phone, which will damage the original software again. The capacitive screen can make the screen resistance to catch up, this is everyone eye and is also the reason why we select, capacitive screen, along with the progress of era principle capacitance screen replaces the screen resistance is the survival of the fittest in natural selection.

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Address: 2nd Building, Xueziwei B Area,Yabian Village, Shajing Town ,Baoan District , Shenzhen City, China,518104

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