Different Applications of 21.5 Inch Capacitive Touch screen panel

Different Applications of 21.5 Inch Capacitive Touch screen panel
21.5 inch capacitive touch screen is widely used in various industries, offering users a convenient interactive experience with its advanced structure and technological solutions.

Application Fields
1. Commercial Displays and Retail: Providing services like product information display, interactive map navigation, etc., to attract a wider consumer base.
2. Education and Training: Employed in interactive teaching, virtual laboratories, etc., to provide engaging learning experiences.
3. Healthcare: Used in medical equipment, medical imaging displays, etc., to enhance the efficiency of healthcare services.
4. Industrial Control: Applied in robot control, production monitoring, etc., to improve industrial automation levels.

Structure and Technological Solutions
- Senser Layer: Utilizes highly sensitive and projected capacitive technology.
- Cover layer : Using explosion-proof tempered glass, Corning Glass, etc..
- IC : EETI, ILITEK, Cypress, Goodix etc.. with colution of chip on the controller board and chip on the FPC.
- Materials: Includes options like glass, PET, film, materials and chosen based on application environment and design requirements.
- Thickness: Offers different thickness selection to meet specific design and application. Cover lense options of thickness for 0.55mm to 6mm. And sensor lense from 0.005mm to 1.1mm.

As one of the most widely adopted sizes in the market, the 21.5 inch capacitive touch panel is utilized in various industries.