Yunlea's capacitive touch screens are the perfect solution for diverse industries. From retail to healthcare, education to manufacturing, our technology seamlessly fits into various settings, enhancing user experiences and operational efficiency. Whether it's engaging customers, streamlining processes, or fostering interactive learning, our touch screens open doors to innovation across sectors.

Industrial Touchscreen AG AR AF Waterproof Gloves Touch PCAP Touch Screen Glass Panel 7 10.1 15 15.6 17 18.5 10.4 21.5 inch Custom Size Industrial CTP Multi Projected Capacitive PCAP Touch Screen Panel Overlay With USB 7 8.4 10.1 10.4 15 15.6 17 inch Large Winter Gloves Touch Sensor Glass Panel Controller USB Android Capacitive Touch Screen Panel For Industrial Kiosk 17 inch touch screen 18.5 inch touch screen

Durable & Precise Solutions

Industrial Control Touch Screens

Yunlea's industrial control touch screens provide robust and precise performance. Customizable sizes and shapes ensure a perfect fit for various applications, designed to withstand harsh environments.

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Yunlea Custom Industrial RGB Display Panel 2.8 3.5 4.3 5 7 8 10.1 Inch Waterproof Capacitive TFT LCD Modules with Touch Screen 10.1" TFT LCD Touch Display 7" TFT LCD Touch Display 5" TFT LCD Touch Display 4.3" TFT LCD Touch Display

Efficient & Intuitive Solutions

Smart Home Touch Screens

Yunlea's smart home touch screens provide intuitive interactions. Customizable for enhancing convenience and efficiency. Perfect for easy integration in various home environments.

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Automobile Anti-Fingerprint Glass Capacitive Touch Screen Panel For Car Navigation DVR 7 10.1 10.4 12.1 12.3 13.3 inch 15.6 inch touch screen 10.4 inch touch screen 13.3 inch touch screen

Reliable & High-Performance

Automobile Touch Screens

Yunlea's automobile touch screens offer precise and durable performance. Customizable to meet the demands of modern vehicles, ensuring reliable operation and seamless integration in automotive applications.

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Medical Device Touchscreen AG AR AF Glass Waterproof Gloves Capacitive Touch Screen Panel 10.1 15.6 18.5 21.5 27 inch Custom AG AF Glass Medical Touch Screen Panel, Usb Capacitive Sensitive Multi Touch Screen Overlay Kit Yunlea WaterProof PCAP Touch Panel 15.6" OEM ODM 10 Points Capacitive Touch Screen For Medical Medical Grade 4.3" CTP High Touch Sensitivity PCAP Touch 4.3 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Panel Medical Grade 10.1 Inch PCAP Touch Screen Panel 10 Points Anti-Glare Anti-Fingerprint USB Interface With Glove Stylus Touch

Precision & Reliability

Medical-Grade Touch Screens

Yunlea's medical-grade touch screens provide precise and reliable performance for healthcare applications. Customizable in size and functionality, designed to meet the stringent requirements of medical environments.

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