Full Screen Installation: Unveiling the Beauty of Display

In the era of digital technology, where display screens serve as the core of human-machine interaction, continuous evolution is witnessed. The emergence of full-screen installation, with glass cover plate playing a crucial role, provides comprehensive protection to the screen while enhancing overall aesthetics and user experience.

Full Screen Installation vs. Flush Installation:

Full Screen Installation vs. Flush Installation


Flush Installation:

This method is practical, protecting the display area with a plastic or metal frame. While functional, it tends to appear relatively plain in terms of aesthetics.

Full Screen Installation:

Utilizing a glass cover plate, it is installed onto the casing using adhesive, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and a stronger overall presentation.

Unique Features of Glass Cover Plate:

In the realm of full-screen installation, the glass cover plate plays an indispensable role, showcasing the following key features:

1. Thickness Options:

Touchscreen Thickness Options

Glass cover plates offer various thickness options ranging from 0.55mm to 10mm, catering to different scenarios and design requirements to ensure screen strength and stability.

2. Diverse Shapes:

Touchscreen Diverse Shapes

With a variety of shapes, glass cover plates can be custom-designed, offering options like perforation, silk screen printing holes, and 2.5D edge effects, providing designers with greater creative space.

3. Surface Treatments:

- Anti-Reflective (AR):
By applying a coating to the glass surface, reflections are reduced, enhancing screen clarity and creating a better visual experience.

- Anti-Glare (AG):
By creating a rough surface, bright glare is eliminated, making the display screen more readable under various lighting conditions.

- Anti-Fingerprint (AF):
Surface treatment reduces the retention of oil, effectively preventing fingerprints and smudges, maintaining a clean screen.

Through these features, the glass cover plate not only provides an additional protective layer for the display screen but also significantly elevates aesthetics and user experience. The combination of full-screen installation with a glass cover plate brings a more perfect interactive experience for users.

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