What Yunlea can DO about Touch?

What Yunlea can DO about Touch?
Yunlea,a touch screen manufacturer,professional in capacitive&resistive touch screen,touch screen size up to 65 inch,touch screen can be customized according to your requirements,like the size,shape,logo,color,holes,mirror touch,anti-glare,anti-fingerprint,anti-reflective,etc.

If you need a more precise touch function,the channel number,like the TX/RX can be customized too,and the controller chip can be ILITEK,EETI,GOODIX,FOCALTECH,touch solution can be chip on the Flexible printed circuit,and chip on the controller board,touch screen interface can be I2C or USB,the flexible printed circuit shape,length,and the pin number and pin definition are customize available.

Touch screen application are widely used in industrial,medical device,smart home,some button devices are updated iteration by touch screen,it helps the work and life more convenient.touch points up to 20 points.

LCD touch screen can be provided too,resolution,brightness,and interface are optional,high resolution,brightness,available,LCD interface can be RGB,LVDS,MIPI,SPI,MCU,HDMI board can be provided too.LCD touch screen size up to 24 inch.the LCD and touch screen have a wide operating temperature.

If you have project need the LCD touch screen,please feel free to contact us.