Production Process of Capacitive Touch Panels


In the fast-paced world of technology, capacitive touch panels have become an integral part of our daily lives. These sleek and responsive screens are found in our smartphones, tablets, interactive kiosks, and a myriad of other devices. But have you ever wondered how they are made? Join us on a journey as we explore the intricate production process of capacitive touch panels, uncovering the precision and expertise that goes into crafting these remarkable interfaces.


The Birth of a Capacitive Touch Panel:

Capacitive touch panels have revolutionized the way we interact with technology. They seamlessly respond to our touch, making them a ubiquitous presence in our everyday lives. But have you ever wondered about the intricate process that brings these remarkable interfaces to life? Join us on a journey as we explore the birth of capacitive touch panels, where precision and innovation converge.

1. 100% Inspection of ITO Glass:
Our journey begins with a thorough examination of incoming ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) glass. This foundational material sets the stage for creating the touch panel.

2. ITO Glass Cleaning:
The glass is meticulously cleaned to eliminate any imperfections, ensuring a pristine starting point for the touch panel's production.

3. Printing Etching Paste on One Side:
Next, a precisely measured amount of etching paste is applied to one side of the glass, laying the groundwork for the touch panel's responsive capabilities.

4. Baking:
The glass is carefully placed in an oven, allowing the etching paste to set and establish a robust foundation for the touch panel's functionality.

5. Etching Cleaning & Inspection:
Following the baking process, the glass undergoes a comprehensive cleaning and inspection to validate the integrity of the etched surface.

This initial phase of touch panel production sets the stage for the remarkable journey that follows, where craftsmanship and technology converge to create the seamless interfaces we've come to rely on. Stay with us as we delve deeper into the complex middle stages and the final steps of capacitive touch panel production.


The Complex Middle Stages:

As we continue our exploration of capacitive touch panel production, we enter the complex middle stages. Here, innovation and precision unite to give life to these remarkable interfaces. Join us as we uncover the intricate steps that lead to the creation of these seamless touch panels.

6. Printing Peelable Glue: To safeguard the etched side, a layer of peelable glue is meticulously applied.

7. Printing Etching Paste on the Other Side: The precise etching paste application process is duplicated on the other side of the glass.

8. Baking: Baking is carried out once more to secure the newly applied etching paste, ensuring its integrity.

9. Etching Cleaning & Inspection: A detailed cleaning and inspection process guarantees the impeccable quality of the etching.

10. Printing Peelable Glue: Another layer of peelable glue is added, providing an additional protective shield.

11. Printing Silver Circuit Drive: The silver circuit, the powerhouse behind touch panel functionality, is printed and carefully baked.

12. Laser Screen Printing: Laser screen printing is employed to ensure precision in circuitry design.

13. Silver Circuit Cleaning & Inspection: Stringent cleaning and inspection procedures are carried out to validate the circuitry's exceptional quality.

14. Printing Transparent Ink & Bake: Transparent ink is meticulously printed and baked to enhance the circuitry's resilience.

15. Printing Silver Circuit Sensor: The sensor circuit, vital for touch panel performance, is printed and baked.

16. Laser Screen Printing: Laser printing guarantees precision in circuitry placement.

17. Silver Circuit Cleaning & Inspection: A final round of comprehensive cleaning and inspection assures the circuitry's reliability.

18. Printing Transparent Ink & Bake: Transparent ink is once again printed and baked, adding a layer of durability.

19. CNC Glass Cutting: The glass undergoes precise CNC cutting, shaping it into the desired form.

20. QA Inspection: Rigorous quality assurance inspections are carried out, ensuring that each touch panel meets the highest standards of excellence.

These complex middle stages serve as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology behind capacitive touch panel production. Stay with us as we journey through the remaining steps that lead to the creation of these sophisticated interfaces.


The Culmination of Excellence: Capacitive Touch Panel Production Unveiled:

In the final stages of capacitive touch panel production, precision and quality reach their zenith. These stages are where the products come to life. Here, we present the concluding steps that culminate in the creation of these advanced touch interfaces.

21. Sensor Test: The functionality undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee impeccable performance.

22. FPC Test: The Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) is meticulously tested, ensuring it meets the highest standards.

23. Add ACF Glue on Sensor Glass: Adhesive Conductive Film (ACF) glue is applied with precision to the sensor glass, securing its connection.

24. FPC Adhesive Bonding: The FPC is expertly bonded to the assembly, creating a seamless connection.

25. FOG Test: Fog testing ensures that the screen remains crystal clear under various conditions.

26. FOG Dispensing: Fog is applied with precision to guarantee optimal performance.

27. FOG Wiping: A meticulous wiping process assures the clarity and functionality of the touch panel.

28. Cover Glass Inspection & Cleaning: The cover glass is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, preparing it for the final stages of production.

29. Add Protective Film: A protective film is carefully applied, enhancing the touch panel's durability and longevity.

30. Laminating Cover Glass and FOG: The cover glass and fog layer are seamlessly laminated, providing the finishing touch.

As we reach the culmination of the capacitive touch panel production process, every step has been taken to ensure precision, quality, and reliability. These final stages reflect the dedication and innovation behind the creation of these advanced touch interfaces, setting new standards for excellence. Stay tuned as we explore the remaining steps in this incredible journey.


The Final Touch: Perfecting the Capacitive Touch Panel:

In these concluding stages of capacitive touch panel production, our commitment to precision and excellence continues to shine. The final steps are where all the hard work and attention to detail come together, ensuring that each touch panel delivers an exceptional user experience.

31. Defoaming Touch Panel: Any remaining bubbles are meticulously removed, leaving a flawless touch panel surface.

32. 100% Appearance Inspection: A comprehensive visual inspection is conducted, leaving no detail unchecked.

33. Add Protective Film on Touch Panel: An additional protective film is carefully added, enhancing the touch panel's durability and longevity.

34. Touch Panel Test: Thorough testing procedures are implemented to guarantee the touch panel's performance, accuracy, and reliability.

35. UV Machine Curing: In specific cases, a UV curing process is employed to finalize the touch panel's composition.

36. Add Accessories: The necessary accessories are thoughtfully integrated, preparing the touch panel for its future applications.

37. Add Protective Film on Touch Panel: Yet another layer of protective film is applied, ensuring the touch panel's resilience.

38. QC Inspection: A final round of quality control inspections is conducted, guaranteeing that the touch panels meet the highest standards.

39. Packing: Finally, the touch panels are meticulously packed, ready to embark on their journey to various destinations, where they will elevate user experiences.


The journey from raw ITO glass to a fully functional capacitive touch panel is a highly intricate process that demands precision, expertise, and unwavering dedication. At Yunlea, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship, producing high-quality touch panels that empower a wide spectrum of interactive applications, ranging from cutting-edge smartphones to robust industrial equipment.

Each phase in this meticulous production process plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our touch panels epitomize seamless functionality and unwavering reliability. These panels meet and exceed the exacting standards of our clients and partners worldwide.

As we now draw the curtain on this captivating journey through capacitive touch panel production, it's evident that our commitment to perfection remains an unshakable constant throughout every step of the way. From rigorous quality inspections to the application of protective layers, these concluding stages serve as the cornerstone of our mission to deliver touch panels that are nothing short of exceptional.

We extend a warm invitation to you to explore the diverse applications and immersive experiences our touch panels have to offer. Keep an eye out for more exciting insights into our realm of touch technology, where innovation knows no bounds.