Yunlea: Tailored LCD Cable Solutions Paving the Way for Your Innovation

Yunlea: Tailored LCD Cable Solutions Paving the Way for Your Innovation


In the realm of modern technological innovation, personalized solutions for LCD screen cables are paramount. Yunlea, as a leading industry brand, presents innovative LCD cable customization solutions to help your projects achieve connectivity excellence.


1. LCD Screen Cables: The Bridge to Innovative Connectivity

LCD screen cables are a crucial component of liquid crystal display modules. Unlike OLED displays, TFT LCD panels don't emit light themselves; they are passive devices that require backlighting. A good backlight module provides uniform light, enhancing the overall clarity and detail of TFT LCD displays.

For LCD screen cables, Yunlea offers two primary connection methods:

Solution 1: FPC Connection

By adhering to the LCD's Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), customers can use a matching connector to directly plug into the LCD. This approach is suitable for handheld devices requiring a more compact design, with relatively lower costs.

Solution 2: Cable Connection

Leaving connectors on the liquid crystal module, customers use FPC ribbons, FFC ribbons, or cables as a medium to transmit signals to the connector on the mainboard. This method is suitable for industrial products where the mainboard and display have a considerable distance, necessitating reliable cable transmission.

2. FPC and Cable: Clever Applications of Technical Solutions

Yunlea provides sophisticated technical solutions for both connection types:

Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC):

  • Yunlea customizes FPCs in various shapes, lengths, PIN definitions, and pin spacings to suit different structures and interface requirements.
  • FPCs are manufactured using electromagnetic shielding film materials to enhance EMI resistance.
  • In terms of FPC circuit design, Yunlea incorporates anti-interference circuits, filtering circuits, and other elements to meet diverse market requirements for electromagnetic tolerance.


  • Yunlea tailors cables to different lengths, materials, and connectors to meet diverse interface requirements.
  • Improvement in signal processing is achieved by adding shielding, grounding, electromagnetic loops, etc.
  • With a wealth of solutions and experience, Yunlea ensures swift and reliable delivery.


Through personalized LCD cable solutions, Yunlea assists your product in standing out in connectivity technology, providing optimal performance for your innovation. Whether it's a compact handheld device or an industrial product, we optimize connectivity to propel your project towards greater success. Elevate your innovation with Yunlea – where personalized solutions meet technological excellence. Contact Yunlea today to embark on a journey of connectivity and innovation.