Yunlea: Engineering Excellence in Capacitive Touchscreens

In an increasingly touch-driven world, the demand for superior touchscreens that excel in both performance and reliability has never been more critical. At Yunlea, we've taken up the mantle to not only meet these demands but to redefine the standards for capacitive touchscreens.

Unprecedented Durability

Yunlea capacitive touchscreens are engineered for unmatched durability. Through rigorous testing, we've ensured that every single point on our screens can withstand a staggering 50 million touches or more. This level of durability guarantees that our touchscreens are prepared to endure years of intensive use across various applications, from consumer electronics to industrial control systems.

Precise Touch Operations

What sets Yunlea's capacitive touchscreens apart is their exceptional precision. Operating with a remarkable accuracy rate of up to 99%, our touchscreens utilize the human body's electrical conductivity to register touches. This translates into a seamless and responsive user experience where each touch is recognized with pinpoint accuracy. There's no lag, no drifting, and no frustrating interruptions.

Optical Bonding for Enhanced Protection

To elevate both durability and safety, our touchscreens are equipped with optical bonding. This feature significantly enhances impact resistance when fully bonded, reducing the risk of damage. In the rare event of a screen being compromised, our optical adhesive ensures that glass shards remain securely attached, preventing potential harm.

Versatility: Waterproof, Thickness Tolerance, Glove Compatibility

Yunlea's capacitive touchscreens are designed with versatility as a core principle. They offer waterproof functionality, ensuring seamless operation even in the presence of water, oil, oil-water mixtures, or saltwater. Additionally, our touchscreens can perform flawlessly through thick glass, with thickness tolerance up to 12mm. Furthermore, they are compatible with an extensive range of glove materials, guaranteeing usability across diverse environments.

At Yunlea, we firmly believe that innovation should never come at the expense of reliability. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in capacitive touchscreen technology ensures that our products consistently deliver unparalleled performance. Whether you require touchscreens for medical devices, industrial machinery, or consumer electronics, Yunlea has the solution that not only meets but exceeds your specific requirements.

Join us in exploring the limitless possibilities of capacitive touch technology. Choose Yunlea for capacitive touchscreens that not only redefine what's possible but also set new benchmarks in performance, durability, and precision. Our touchscreens are more than just displays; they're the gateway to seamless interactions and boundless potential.