Touch With Water/ Gloves

Customized Solutions for Unmatched Touch Performance


At YUNLEA, we understand that standard touchscreens may not suffice for every situation.


Overcoming Touch Limitations 

Covers of different thicknesses

Consumer-grade touchscreens often struggle with thick cover lenses and gloves, limiting their functionality. YUNLEA has perfected capacitive touch technology to overcome these limitations. Our customized solutions are engineered to support thick cover lenses, durable substrates, and winter gloves, ensuring optimal touch accuracy and responsiveness in any situation.


Tailored Solutions for Specific Industries

Tailored Solutions for Specific Industries

We specialize in meeting the unique requirements of medical and industrial devices. Our touchscreens are engineered to withstand the rigors of medical environments, providing reliable touch functionality in surgical touchscreens, patient monitoring systems, and more. In industrial settings, our solutions offer exceptional durability and water immunity for demanding applications such as control panels and ruggedized equipment.




Empowering Individuals in Challenging Environments

Our customized touch solutions also cater to individuals who require touch functionality in challenging environments. Whether you're working outdoors, engaging in water-related activities, or simply trying to use your touchscreen while wearing gloves, YUNLEA has you covered. Experience uninterrupted touch performance, even in the most demanding conditions.


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Experience the ultimate water immunity, durability, and performance with YUNLEA touch solutions. Let us redefine your touchscreen experience by providing tailored solutions that surpass your expectations. Contact us today to explore how our customized touchscreens can empower you in any touch challenge.